What to do in Rome, Trastevere area

Walking in the narrow streets of Trastevere is a unique experience in Rome, definitely in the top ten things to see in Rome. It is like going into a time machine. The Gianicolo hill, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Rome, is easy to reach from here.

Bike and Vespa tours:
Guests can book bicycle or vespa tours through our bed&breakfast. This is a fun way to sightsee! Ask for more info at check-in.

Trastevere, however, is not just a place for history and walking, but also for tasting authentic Roman cuisine. Over the years we've had the opportunity to rediscover the classic restaurants here in Trastevere, and also to discover some great new ones. In fact, here in Trastevere there is a fantastic selection of restaurants serving typical Roman recipes and hearty Italian food.

Here is a list of some of our favourite restaurants:

Grazia & Graziella
Located in the center of Trastevere, a lovely restaurant that combines Roman tradition with a pinch of creativity.
Price range: 11-19 euro - Open every day
Largo M.D. Fumasoni Biondi, 5 (on the corner of Via della Paglia)
Tel: 06 588 0398

La Piazzetta
La Piazzetta de Trastevere is a restaurant, grill, pizzeria, dessert and wine bar.
They serve thick and thin crust pizza loaded with excellent ingredients. Also great classics like “La Carbonara”.
Price range: 10-25 euro - open every day except wednesday from 12:00 noon until midnight.
Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 16
Tel: +39 06 580 6241

Marco G
Italian wine and simple, fresh Italian food. This restaurant offers an alacarte menu as well as some fixed menus, with new dishes each day and choices ranging from appetizers, meat, seafood, pasta and homemade desserts. Open only for dinner every day except Tuesday. Sundays open for lunch as well. Customers feel at home in this comfortable, professional, clean, quality restaurant. Located close to the historical center of Trastevere and the walk to the Gianicolo hill.
Price range: 18-35 euro
Via Garibaldi, 56
Tel: +39 065809289 / +39 3407970937

Spirito Divino
This restaurant is located in the heart of Trastevere near the Basilica di Santa Cecilia. The atmosphere is elegant and the cellar is part of an original historical roman brick building. Ingredients are selected daily from small produce companies that stay true to genuine food and flavors. Menus are updated with seasonal dishes. The rich and thorough wine list with hundreds of labels will satisfy even the connoisseur. The service is excellent and the owners also serve, making clients feel at home.
Price range: 24-58 euro - Open every day except Sunday
Via dei Genovesi, 31
Tel: 06 589 6689

Cozy bistro with wonderful breakfast, fixed lunch menu, aperitif and gourmet dinner, in the heart of the historical center.
Open every day except Monday
Via Di Monte Giordano 60/61, Roma, Italia
Tel: +39 06 68802461

Ristorante pizzeria La piazetta
Piazza cardinal merry del Val, 16
One of our favorites; just a short walk from the B&B, typical cuisine and great pizza with modest prices.

Hostaria dar buttero
Via della lungaretta, 156
Roman cuisine, family-run, excellent appetizers (starters).

Trattoria da Augusto
Piazza de Renzi, 15
This is a historical Roman hosteria, open since 1952. It's always packed full. Don't be frightened by the long lines. They go quickly.

Ristorante pan'unto
Piazza S. Rufina, 2
Steakhouse restaurant with well-priced decent pizza.

Pizzeria I marmi
Viale trastevere 55
This is my favorite historical pizzeria in Trastevere. Lines are often long but it's well worth the wait. I strongly suggest trying the supplì.

Pizza by the slice (lunch):

+39 pizzeria
Via Cardinale Marmaggi
The best pizza by the slice in Trastevere. They also make a fabulous homemade sandwich with porchetta.

Pizzeria Supli
Via San Francesco Aripa
Good pizza, excellent pasta and main dishes.


Gelateria del viale
Piazza Belli 9f
Homemade Gelato made with only fresh and natural ingredients.

Wine Bars, Pubs:

Vin Allegro
Piazza Giuditta Tavani, 114
Warm, welcoming atmosphere, great choice of wines.

Via di Benedetta
Italian brewery serving 200 types of artisan Italian beer.

Lounge cocktail bars, aperitifs:

Freni e frizioni
Cocktail bar, aperitivo.
Via del Politeama
Cocktail bar, aperitifs. They serve a wide variety of snacks included in the price of the drink. A very popular place.

Bum Bum
Cocktail bar Brasiliano.
Via di benedetta 17
Brazilian Cocktail bar. We suggest the "Capifrutti", the best fresh fruit cocktail in Trastevere.

Cocktail, aperitivo
Piazza in piscinula
Cocktails, aperitifs, live music every Saturday and Sunday.