Trastevere: Our neighborhood
Walking in the narrow streets of Trastevere is a unique experience in Rome, definitely in the top ten things to see in

Rome. It is like going into a time machine. The Gianicolo hill, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Rome, is easy

to reach from here. Trastevere, however, is not just a place for history and walking, but also for tasting authentic

Roman cuisine. Over the years we've had the opportunity to rediscover the classic restaurants here in Trastevere,

and also to discover some great new ones. In fact, here in Trastevere there is a fantastic selection

of restaurants serving typical Roman recipes and hearty Italian food.

We have selected some of the best restaurants:


Hosteria dei numeri primi.

Via del Politeama, 800153 Roma

Phone: 06 6456 2693

La Piazzetta.

Via Cardinale Merry del Val, n.16

Phone: 06 580 6241

Spirito DiVino.

Via dei Genovesi, n.31

Phone: 06 589 6689

Trattoria da Augusto.

Piazza de Renzi n.15

Pizzeria I marmi.

Viale trastevere n.55

Le mani in pasta.

Via dei Genovesi n.37, 00153 Roma

Phone: 065816017


Pizzeria Supli.

Via S.francesco Aripa

Not just food:

Gelateria del viale.

Piazza belli n.9f

Vin Allegro.

Piazza giuditta tavani n.114


Via di Benedetta

Freni e frizioni.

Cocktail bar, aperitif

Via del Politeama

Bum Bum:

Brazilian Cocktail Bar

Via di Benedetta n.17