Welcome to Zen Trastevere B&B:

The video below is a brief description about how our Self Check-In works.

We are always happy to welcome our clients and we understand that Check-in is an essential step that allows

clients to meet us upon arrival and allows us to offer guidance or suggestions for any requests. Unfortunately,

however, it may happen that we are not available at the moment of your arrival and this is why

we have created a Self-Check-In procedure in order to avoid making clients wait for us to arrive.

Once you arrive at the gate, call us to let us know that you have rung the doorbell to the Zen Trastevere B&B and

this will allow us to open the gate for you remotely from our cell phone. Take the stairs. If you have heavy luggage

you can use the ramp. As soon as you get to "scala B" you will need to ring the bell again. After entering you can

choose to take the stairs or the lift to the second floor. Once you find the door to the B&B, you will find the security

box next to the doorbell. Insert the code that we will provide to you in advance. Inside the box, there is a key to

open the B&B door. Once you are inside you will find your room with a set of keys attached to the door of the

room. This set contains all the keys you need to enter the building, the B&B and your room during your stay.

Please take the B&B door key back to the security box out by the door of the B&B and close it inside.

We hope you enjoy your stay.